Landhotel Martha ****
Schmittenstr. 79,
5700 Zell am See, Österreich
Phone: +43 6542 72123
Fax: +43 6542 72123-23

Servus in Landhotel Martha!

Landhotel Martha in the middle of a wonderful landscape between the Schmittenhöhe, green fields, spruce forest and of course the Zeller lake.

All generations feel comfortable in our hotel. You can visit us at every time of the year. In summer and winter our door is open for you.

Every corner of Landhotel Martha shows a warm and friendly decoration.

As we love our home and country we want you to get to know all the special places. You have got plenty of opportunities from sports to being creative during you holiday. Make it something special!

Live-Cam Schmitten

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