Don't fear ceramics!

Just want to try your hand at pottery? Yes, treat yourself to this beautiful haptic fundamental experience!

In a time when virtual experiences on the computer shape our world, and schoolchildren communicate primarily through the Internet, many of us lack the courage to face our own creativity.

Yet it is exactly the sensation of grabbing, touching and shaping that is so important for getting a basic understanding of your body and space. The malleable basic material that is clay seems ideal for this purpose: Clay is natural, inexpensive and easy to work with for both children and adults. The colour design could also not be much easier using enamel and engobes: the enamel can be easily applied with a brush,and sticks firmly to the object.

Discover the joy of creating something on your own and the great results, because: Pottery is simply great fun!

With Martha, our creative head, you work in clay like there's no tomorrow in our workshop.
 Making the ideas flow ...

Pottery courses are available for novices, the advanced, for young & old. In attractive surroundings, you can give shape to a piece of earth. Try something new in small groups and get professional inspiration for all things ceramic.

Martha will support you with her boundless enthusiasm in awakening or refreshing your dormant talents here at ours in Zell am See.

Clay is waiting for change - Clay is patient -
Clay doesn't forget - In working with clay there is life

Some pottery courses at a glance

  • Garden ceramics
    Martha invites you to create gazing balls, fencepost figurines, frogs and the like together.
  • Home decor
    Soap dishes, herb pots & decoration for your home. Find inspiration in our hotel from the lovely decor & create your own individual artwork.
    The home-made soap from the soap making course fits perfectly into the home-made soap dish! - everything is possible!